Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 1 - ATKINS

Well, I've had a stick thrown into my spokes. Actually I should say a log. My hours got cut at work today down to part time, which means just over 30 hours a week. I'll be losing a lot of money. Yes, I'll gain more time to do stuff I like, like craft and ride my horses, but I lose money. You know what that means don't you?! Well it means I can't go on Nutrisystem!!! That means that when my shipment comes in, I have to turn it away. Return it. Get my money back (less shipping of course). Bummer.

But not to despair fellow fatties! I'm going on Atkins again. I'm not too upset about it actually cause at least when you're hungry you can eat. And you really do get good food and lots of it. Lots of veggies, meat and fat. Yummy! And you can make recipes and all that too. You're not tied into NS food.

So I started it today actually. Here's what I had for Day 1 - Jan 4:

1 Sausage/Egg McMuffin - less the muffin, so just the egg, cheese, and sausage patty.

Chop Chop Salad with real mayo for dressing

Tillamook meat stick (lord knows whats in there!)
Atkins bar

Salad with bacon, cheese, turkey - kind of like a BLT with mayo for dressing

Russell Stover Sugar Free candy - be careful! Can give runs in great quantities - limit to 3

And of course lots of water. Good day I think!
Taking measurements also to keep track of my progress.
Let's see my waist is the circumference of a twin size bed.......

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  1. I stumbled here from Cathy's blog Wives with Knives. I hope your new eating plan was successful and that you are as fit as you hoped to be last year at this time. Have a wonderful day and enjoy the remainder of the holiday. Blessings...Mary