Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 1 - ATKINS

Well, I've had a stick thrown into my spokes. Actually I should say a log. My hours got cut at work today down to part time, which means just over 30 hours a week. I'll be losing a lot of money. Yes, I'll gain more time to do stuff I like, like craft and ride my horses, but I lose money. You know what that means don't you?! Well it means I can't go on Nutrisystem!!! That means that when my shipment comes in, I have to turn it away. Return it. Get my money back (less shipping of course). Bummer.

But not to despair fellow fatties! I'm going on Atkins again. I'm not too upset about it actually cause at least when you're hungry you can eat. And you really do get good food and lots of it. Lots of veggies, meat and fat. Yummy! And you can make recipes and all that too. You're not tied into NS food.

So I started it today actually. Here's what I had for Day 1 - Jan 4:

1 Sausage/Egg McMuffin - less the muffin, so just the egg, cheese, and sausage patty.

Chop Chop Salad with real mayo for dressing

Tillamook meat stick (lord knows whats in there!)
Atkins bar

Salad with bacon, cheese, turkey - kind of like a BLT with mayo for dressing

Russell Stover Sugar Free candy - be careful! Can give runs in great quantities - limit to 3

And of course lots of water. Good day I think!
Taking measurements also to keep track of my progress.
Let's see my waist is the circumference of a twin size bed.......

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday - and still no food - well NS food that is

Ok, I had the pizza last night and you know what? Just not even good! What's the old saying? "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels", that's what my old NS leader used to say. Gotta agree. Anyway, it was just filler food. Just not that good.
And oh I gotta vent here, I submitted some work to a group, I can't say what or who, but got rejected because it "doesn't fit their criteria". Well let's all get hoity-toity! WTFE!!! So I'll continue to do my thing, and just you go ahead and ask me to join when "you feel my work is more appropriate". Ha! I'll spit on your grave sister!!!
Back to my eating....ok, going out and exercising today, but that's cause I feel antsy and need to just get out of the house. I'm assuming my shipment will come tomorrow so I'll look forward to that. Then Tuesdays post will actually be Day 1. I need some good changes so looking forward to starting! At least I'll have some control somewhere!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Saturday - no food yet!

Well I'm still waiting for my first shipment of Nutrisystem to arrive. Not here yet. Actually I'm glad. Hehe, having pizza tonite. Hey! I won't be having any more crap when my food gets here! Give me a break would'ya!? I had oatmeal for breakfast, a few stray french fries, coffee, and now some hot tea. Then I'll have dinner. That's not like a ton of food! Ok, I sit on my hiney a lot of the day. Sigh...that'll all change once NUTRISYTEM arrives at the door!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Waiting For My First Shipment of Nutrisystem Food

I ordered my Nutrisystem program a couple days ago and I just got an email yesterday saying my order has been shipped! Can't wait to get it and start on my new path to being thin, active, healthy and...ahem...desirable.

Yeah yeah, I know all the stuff about being beautiful on the inside, and if someone doesn't accept you for what you are and blah blah blah...sorry, but guys are guys. And frankly, I don't mind being a "trophy", or some arm candy, or whatever they call hot chics. So what? Hey, I'm a woman! I want to be attractive and appealing to the opposite sex. But don't get me wrong here - that's NOT why I'm doing Nutrisystem at all! I'm doing it for me! I'm doing it so I don't have to struggle to find clothes that fit. I'm sick of seeing fat-back, and muffin tops. Gross! I don't want my horse to be thinking, "Hmmm, she's gained weight! No wonder my back hurts!" I want to go into a clothing store and be able to buy whatever I want. I'm also an all-or-nothing type of person, meaning once I start eating right, I'll also exercise more. It's a win-win for me.

To give you some background on me, I've tried every program in the diet world that's out there. Very few have worked for me. Atkins I was also successful on. I sort of just shrunk. I only lost about 20 or so pounds, but it was weird, since I did just shrink. Guess it must've been more inches. Weight Watchers? Faggetaboutit! OMG! I gained weight every week on that program! I think it's an insulin-resistant thing. For me, WW was mostly a lot of carbs. You get more food that way. Meat uses up too many "points". So 10 potatoes, are like 10 points. AND a zillion carbs! Nope, not for me. So you name it, I've done it.

Now Nutrisystem, like I said, I did it about 20 years ago, and in 8 weeks or so, I went from a size 14+ to a size 5-7. I dropped about 35 lbs or so. In fact it was the ONLY time in my life, someone told me to gain more weight! So I did - about 5 more pounds. I was still in a 5 to 7 depending on the brand. Fabulous!!! And by the way, I'm in no way affiliated with N.S. or getting paid by them or anything else. I just want to share my daily weight journal with everyone to perhaps inspire others to get on a path to weight loss and better health through exercise, with this program, or any other program that works for them. So, once I get my food - it's Day 1! Please join me on my journey!!